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Brown, it 's what I'm waiting for...

It's as if I'm living in a dream world. Day after day, the door bell rings and as I slide my athletic sock clad feet up to the glass pane to peer out, I am instantly buoyed by the sight of the large UPS truck.

Brown never looked so good.

I can smell the big truck's diesel fuel through the worn out weather striping that hasn't held up nearly as long as the Home Depot rep promised.

But what does it matter? That truck, that man is carrying up to my front door, yet another box of coveted wine!

Be still my heart.

My first thought is, "How did I get so lucky" and my second more sobering thought, "Who let me loose in Napa and was that such a good idea?"

Never mind. It is high time to put my priorities in order- gotta find a knife and a cork screw- in that order.

Ah. I slowly, lovingly lift each bottle from its womb-like wrapping. I examine each bottle, savoring the labels, caressing its shape, anticipating the bouquet-I swear I can smell the grapes.

I can hear each bottle softly calling out my name, "Hello Lover." Or perhaps, that was my own voice I was hearing, never mind, it really doesn't matter.

All that matters now is, "What time is too early to start drinking while you are at work?"

Looking around, I realize to myself- almost giddily, "Self, you're gonna need a bigger wine refridge." That is, unless we are able to keep up with the UPS trucks.

Ah, that sounds like a tough job, but I think I am up for it! I certainly got enough practice in on our recent Napa trip.

In Napa I learned to start early.

Early like when most of you are still blow drying your hair, we were pulling up to some quaint wine tasting bar. Funny thing about Napa, you can start drinking at 10:00am and call it a tasting.

Once you put that label on the occasion, everyone nods knowingly, "Oh, they are doing a tasting." Nothing wrong with that.

But don't ask to add a chaser of Jack, because that is totally inappropriate in Napa- and actually in most places.

Yeah, Jack before noon is a signal, a red flag, a cry for help. But tasting wine before noon is well, more of a life style.

A life style I could easily get used to!

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  1. Funny girl. Now invite me over for some wine girl!