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Reeses, Butterfingers and Oh My!

It's that time of year again.  You know the weather starts to get a bit cooler, which by Florida standards simply means we will see days in the 80's instead of those hated "can't get my shirt from sticking and showing all my bra fat" 90's.  Oh, and speaking of bra fat or fat back, well I'm sporting less of this these days.  The big D.I.E.T. is starting to work.  I am saying this with a great deal of caution because typically, self gets all happy with one's self about now and decides that just one bag of frozen Cameo's in the freezer is not such a bad thing.  And I know you know the problem with "just one little bag," it will absolutely lead to some of the mega sized bags of Halloween candy that are all over the shelves of your local grocer.  Seriously people, I have not had a single Trick or Treater knock on my door in five years.  And yet every Halloween I buy bags of candy, just in case.  My biggest fear is some cute little fairy will knock on my door and I will have to reach into my bowl of pennies to offer some sort of treat.  So instead, I prepare.  I get out my biggest mixing bowl and fill it full of mini Butterfingers, Reese's and oh, those wonderful little chewy peanuty nougat thingies.  And then I casually start grabbing just a few, you know just for a small snack or short car ride.  And before I know it, I am back at the grocery store attempting to re-fill that quickly declining bowl of candy before two things happen; someone notices or God forbid, the damn fairy shows up.
This year things are gonna be different.  I have already turned my small, now much more pert nose up at the legions of sweet treats lining the isles.  Apologies to all you pixies and fairies, this year my windows will be dark.  "Nothing to see here folks, just keep on going".